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Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a strong, beautiful, and loyal breed. Its origins trace all the way back to Zimbabwe in Africa. These playful, lovable hounds also have a tremendous independent streak, and as such can be a handful for inexperienced owners.

They are well known for their stubbornness and defiant attitudes without proper training

Many first-time owners of Ridgeback puppies, purebreds, and rescues make the mistake of starting with training that is designed for much less demanding breeds. 

And unfortunately, without proper training and guidance, these dogs will easily destroy personal items. Things like shoes, belts, & purses, your furniture, and pretty much anything else in the house is vulnerable when they start feeling bored and defiant!

The simple truth is that generalized training for other breeds simply will not work as well with Ridgebacks.

When given proper training, however, Ridgies are perfectly suited for all types of roles ranging from playful housemate to dutiful guard dog to marathon runner and more.

Their size, athleticism, and distinctive personality traits make them a wonderful addition to the right “pack”! They respect confidence and leadership in their training.

Training Ridgebacks requires consistency and confidence to guide them

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are known for their intelligence. Yet their brain power serves as a double edged sword for inexperienced or ill-prepared owners trying to train their Ridgeback for the first time. Even experienced breeders and handlers may have to work extensively with their Ridgebacks to elicit perfect obedience for all types of commands.

Getting them there, though, requires both time, patience, and a little tried-and-true knowledge. The end of the journey is totally worth it, but it can be frustrating along the way, to say the least!

Ridgies Start With Strong Personalities

The right training helps them learn obedience as they grow into strong, steady companions

The good news is that Ridgebacks have been used to receiving training since the very creation of the breed. Their history of serving the families of British colonizers in South Africa and Zimbabwe is well documented.

The right training can help Rhodesian’s fill roles such as: 

  • lovable family lap dogs
  • playful and energetic doggy park pals
  • loyal jogging and running companion
  • reliable and intimidating guard dog
  • obedient and powerful hunting dogs
  • beatiful and athletic show stoppers
  • and a whole lot more!

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